Superfood: Flaxseeds

I have been noticing Flaxseeds becoming more and more popular each day. There are new articles about how amazing Flaxseeds are everyday.


Naturally I was immediately drawn to Flaxseeds for all there amazing benefits. They can help with weight loss (once digested they expands to make you feel fuller longer), stabilizing blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol and even fights cancer! Flaxseeds have tons of vitamins (vitamin B), fiber (both soluble and insoluble), antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

It is highly suggested to buy flaxseeds whole and just grind them yourself. You can grind them in a food processor or coffee grinder, even a blender could work! Don't get intimated by having to grind it yourself!

It's so easy to incorporate flaxseeds into your diets too!

You can sprinkle a teaspoon on cereal (hot or cold), soups, salads, yogurt or even sauces! You could even mix flaxseeds with your favorite juices or smoothies!

You can find tons of different ways to easily incorporate this superfood into your diet to get your daily fiber intake and all those great nutrients!

I do have a sad warning for other women out there who have Endometriosis.  Flaxseeds are now on the "Foods to Avoid" list.

Flaxseeds contain a high amount of phytoestrogens and can increase your level of estrogen. It can also have a negative effect on your hormones. And ladies, let's be honest we do not need anything to increase our hormones!

If you have Crohn's disease, pregnant or breast-feeding, fibroids, or polycystic ovarian syndrome should not eat flaxseeds. Also, you men out there who are at risk for prostate cancer should avoid flax too.

Always remember: just because it's a superfood doesn't mean it will be a Superfood for you!

Happy New Year!

So I will admit I am one of the many who have made the New Year's resolution to get healthy for 2013. But I will say that my version of "getting healthy" may differ from many people. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis in November 2012. In short, endometriosis is a female health disorder that occurs when cells from the lining of the uterus grow in other areas of the body. This can lead to serious pains, bloating, irregular periods, & problems getting pregnant. I did tons of my own research after getting tired of hearing my doctor say "So we'll put you on these pills & see." Since endometriosis isn't something that can be "fixed" I have decided to take this new found knowledge from my schooling & see how I can help myself.. the natural way.

I found an amazing & inspiring website called Endometriosis Resolved that has opened my eyes into healing myself.

My version of being healthy consist of eating a certain way that will reduce the pains & symptoms caused by endometriosis. Certain foods can increase negative chemical reactions to the body. Endometriosis gets misdiagnosed often for IBS or stomach issues because of these negative chemical reactions.

The "Endo Therapy Diet" is a controlled nutritional lifestyle change that eliminates the problem food groups that increases these chemical reactions. Some food groups to avoid: wheat, dairy, red meats, all soy, eggs, sugar or caffeine.

Reasons why you should avoid these food groups:

-WHEAT contains physic acid which can aggravate symptoms of endometriosis. Also, wheat contains gluten which women with endometriosis  are often found to be sensitive too

-DAIRY causes inflammatory reactions to the body

-RED MEATS promotes negative prostaglandin which causes inflammation

-SOY contains high levels of phytoestrogens which is a chemical that can act like estrogen and phytic acid (read more here it's extremely eye opening!)

-EGGS increase digestive issues and constipation especially for people who have IBS (eggs are used as a binder in cooking!)

-SUGAR causes inflammation and produces a more acidic environment for the body (organic honey is ok to use)

-CAFFEINE increases abdominal cramps and increases estrogen levels

After having a laparoscopy (a surgery done to diagnose endometriosis) I was not able to work out for a month. Not being able to workout or run was a huge hurdle in itself since I was training for 12 weeks for a half-marathon right before the surgery! But that's when I found the "Endo Therapy Diet".

I have been really strict on my eating for a month now & I can happily say it's working!! I have physically seen such a difference! It's truly amazing how much food can effect everything - your mind, body & soul.

So now that I am a true believer & plan on making this a lifestyle change, my food intake has become challenging. I am working out again & I would rely on carbs to fuel me during long runs or grueling cardio workouts.

As life goes on, it is easy to find "wheat-free" and "dairy-free" products but they all seem to contain soy!

I will document my journey through food & my new life to hopefully show & helps others that may need to change some things in their diets.

Please comment & leave your suggestions if you have any! I am new to this & my restrictions will be challenging.

Cheers to a great 2013!!