Summer Leg Challenge - Day 1

Day 1!

The most important thing with squats is FORM! Make sure your knees are right over your big toes on the way down, pull your belly button all the way in and keep your chest up & your knees soft. Try this for 1 minute, count how many you can do without stopping. Write that number down with today's date. 

Try both options! How did you do??

Summer Leg Challenge - Day 2

Day 2

Lunges are super powerful but can cause joint pain if done wrong. Make sure your knees are right over your toes. All the power (and/or pain) will be in that front leg. Your back leg is just there for some support! Belly button pulled in super tight, chest up & SQUEEZE! 

Try this for 1 minute, the rest 30 seconds, 1 more minute, then rest 30 seconds.... 4x TOTALLY THROUGH! 
How did you do??? Write it down with todays date! 


Summer Leg Challenge - Day 3

Day 3 (knee lift OPTIONAL)

Side Lung (knee lift OPTIONAL

When you step out to the side, please make sure your FORM is on point! That means your back is flat, stomach is pulled in tight and your knee is right over your big toe! You should still be able to see your sneakers! 

15x each leg! Repeat 3x on both legs! 

*don't forget to do both sides!*

Summer Leg Challenge - Day 4

Day 4!

Balance is KEY! To get great balance keep your stomach pulled in super tight, try to spread out your toes on the foot on the ground, focus on one thing about 6 feet right in front of you, take a deep breath and just go for it! Use your knee of the leg off the ground for extra support if you need just by tapping the ground as you come up! 

Try it for 30seconds on, 10 second rest. Repeat 3x on one side then repeat on other leg!😉

Summer Leg Challenge Day - 5

Day 5!

Do 12 Singles, then 12 with the pulse! Repeat 3x on EACH leg! ;) 

Keep your hands right under your shoulders, stomach is in tight, knees are shoulder width apart and your back is flat! Remember the height of your foot doesn't matter.. what matters is in the SQUEEZE at the top! 

TIP: make sure you have something under the knee on the floor for extra support!

Summer Leg Challenge - Day 6

Day 6!

One of my FAV leg workouts! Please make sure you watch me in the beginning when I move my legs behind each other. Take your time with this one. It might feel odd at first but take your time, watch both views! 

Your goal is to keep your shoulders and hips square facing forward. You don't have to go that low in the squat either! Try it and let me know!! 

12x each leg, 3x through :) 

Don't forget to do both legs!😉

Summer Leg Challenge - Day 7


Ok this is it! LAST ONE!! I want you guys to think POWER here! Start off with your legs shoulder width apart. You are going to do a little pulse in a low squat for 3 counts, then take a big step back with your right leg into your lunge. Now the further you step back the better it is for your knees and ankles. So trust me when I say take a BIG STEP back. Try to go as low as you can in that lunge. Start by staying up a little higher like in Beginner. But if you want a challenge.. I want that hand touching the floor! 

TIP: keep your belly button pulled in really tight. When your belly button is pulled in tight automatically your back is flat! That's is key! Keep that front knee right over your big toe too! 

Do this 1 minute straight, alternating between right foot lunge and left foot lunge. Take a 30 second break, then repeat 2 more times! 

How did you do?? Did you hit the floor?

Challenge Groups

Do you perform better and reach goals faster when you know there's someone watching you, checking in all the time & that keeps pushing you?? That's ME! I need someone to motivate, push & remind me everyday why I do the things I do! A challenge group provides that plus SO MUCH MORE! A challenge group is a closed private FB group for only people who are also in the challenge! We give give tips on how to make your life easier for yourself, knowing its ok to do something for yourself, even quick hair tips and meal prepping for yourself and even the kids! There are daily check ins, recipes, quick meal guides and prizes too! It's ok to be selfish once in a while!

You will have access to me 100% in these groups, 1:1 Holistic Health Sessions, customized meal plans & recipes, fitness tips & even possibly turning your own fitness journey into a side business!

Break out of your workout rut!

Bored. Over it. Tired. Just a few words that could come to mind when you are in a workout rut. Here are a few tips that can help get you back to smiling after your workouts and looking forward to the next one!

1. NO MORE EXCUSES! Everyone is busy, everyone is stressed, everyone has "no time". You aren't alone! But you determine your health and goals! Commit to yourself you will stay with a program!

2. Mark on your calendar when your workouts will be. If its set on your calendar you are more likely to stick to it!

3. Make it a HABIT! It only takes 2 weeks of doing repeatedly to make it a habit. 2 weeks!

4. Try something new! I always mix up my workouts as often as I can. I know that I get bored after a while once it isn't challenging enough. Once I knew I was able to run a half marathon I was over it! So I'm switching it up and starting P90X! I also do vinyasa yoga on weekends!

5. Join a group! Its a proven and simple formula when working out with a friend or group to commit to a fitness program you will get the BEST RESULTS!

6. Make a goal for yourself! It could be anything! Mine is I want to have more muscle on me! Not so much weigh less but I do want more muscle. Once i realized my goal, i had to find out the best way for ME to get there!

7. No equipment needed. You don't have to join a pricey gym to be successful! You can workout in the comfort of your own home, on your own time! There are tons of great exercise routines that don't require equipment.

8. Wear cute clothes! I am obsessed with workout clothes! I love the bright colors and fun prints! Whenever I am feeling that my workouts are getting hard, I treat myself to a new pair of shorts or a cute new top! And these purchases don't have to be expensive! I love TJMaxx and Forever 21 work out clothes!

9. Have fun! No matter what you choose, if you don't enjoy it, it won't last. You have to find what works for you and makes you happy. Try lots of different things! Groupon and Livingsocial always has great deals! Try kickboxing, yoga, P90X, Crossfit.. whatever seems interesting to you!

10. Change of scenery. Get outside! Workout at a friends house! Those white walls of a gym can get dreary!


You determine your own success! Whatever you do, you're doing something! That's more than someone just sitting on a couch!

What are some of your favorite workout regimens??