Summer Leg Challenge - Day 1

Day 1!

The most important thing with squats is FORM! Make sure your knees are right over your big toes on the way down, pull your belly button all the way in and keep your chest up & your knees soft. Try this for 1 minute, count how many you can do without stopping. Write that number down with today's date. 

Try both options! How did you do??

Summer Leg Challenge Day - 5

Day 5!

Do 12 Singles, then 12 with the pulse! Repeat 3x on EACH leg! ;) 

Keep your hands right under your shoulders, stomach is in tight, knees are shoulder width apart and your back is flat! Remember the height of your foot doesn't matter.. what matters is in the SQUEEZE at the top! 

TIP: make sure you have something under the knee on the floor for extra support!