I woke up & said “OMG I think my water broke! Or I just peed myself...” 

It was after 11:54pm on June 11th & I was sitting on the toilet Googling, texting 3 of my Mom bffs & my Doula trying to find out if what just happened to me was actual labor or one of those false alarms.

Everything was confirming I was definitely labor. 

Part of me didn't want to believe this was really happening so I ended up just totally chilling on the couch, tracking my contractions, trying to sleep & waited until my weekly 9:30am doctor appointment to get confirmation that it was labor or just a false/pre labor. 

When we finally got to my doctor at 9:30am, he confirmed my water broke & yup, baby was on the way that day! I was only 1.5 centimeters dilated. Knowing I had a while to go, Tom & I went back home. My amazing Doula, Maya, came over & she helped me SO MUCH with the pains from contractions, putting me in positions that helped & even worked with Tom on how to help.

We stayed home until about 1:30pm when Tom made us go to the hospital because my contractions were getting really bad & much closer together. 

We finally checked in to the hospital & I had to get an IV right away because I was dehydrated, then I got checked to see how much I dilated. I was 2 centimeters dilated. So between 9:30am & 2pm I didn’t get very far. That was really disheartening for me to hear because of how much pain I was in & really didn’t want an epidural. 

But by 4pm, I called it & asked for the epidural. In my mind, all I could think of was “There is NO way I can keep dealing with this pain for HOURS!”  

The anesthesiologist came right in & the epidural happened really fast. But little did anyone know while I was getting the epidural, I literally went from 2 cm to 10 centimeters! I legit opened that much in less than hour. The second the anesthesiologist was done, I got checked & had to start pushing! 

[my experience with the epidural is an entirely different blog post ps!]

However, no doctors were present. The nurses came back to me & said “You have to wait about 10 minutes to start pushing. The doctor is in traffic.”

I looked at my Doula, Maya, & with her amazing calming voice said “If you have to push, push.”

Next thing I knew, I had an oxygen mask on & there were about 15 people in the room. All while I was still waiting for the damn epidural to even kick in! 

My nurse that was with me looked me in the eye & said take a deep breath & PUSH! My nurse held my right leg & Maya held my left. 

3 pushes later & I heard “ITS A GIRL!” 

Lily was born at 5:24pm & then the epidural kicked in! 😂😂🙄🙄🙈🙈

I only had to get 1 stitch & didn’t have any tears [luckily!] which I believe is from all the foods I ate prior & yoga I did. I don't remember much looking back now about what happened right after or how I felt but I do know that I was in shock I had a daughter & had an instant sense of relief knowing she was ok. Plus the relief from not having contractions anymore! 

The next 2 days were a crazy blur & now I am here with a perfect 1 month old daughter, Lily Sylvia Lippai. 

Having the support of my Doula, Maya, my hubs Tom + all the natural holistic books I read, prenatal yoga, maintaining a healthy & active lifestyle through my pregnancy all contributed to such an amazing successful & really magically pleasant experience!  

I love sharing my story & I thank you for reading! I am always an open book, I love talking about this & please reach out if you have question, comments or any concerns of your own! 

Side Note...

I really recommend a Doula if possible. Maya truly was a key person in releasing all my fears & doubts about pregnancy & labor. She was my voice during labor when I couldn't find the words. She answered all of my many questions & she literally held me through delivery! You can contact her through her Instagram right here!

If you plan on breast feeding, I also recommend doing a PRE NATAL Consult if you can! That's what I did & I truly believe because of that, it made my connection with Lily so easy that she latched right away! I had zero fears or concerns about breast feeding. My amazing success of breast feeding I truly owe to Allyson at Laid Back Lactation. She is a world of knowledge, gives so much support & has been there for me so much. 

If you are in NJ/NY area, I really recommend reaching out to these amazing ladies. They are my life line. If you aren't in my area, still do as much research as you can to try to find someone in your area!