No Secrets, No Doctors, Just Myself

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I don't have a secret sauce for conceiving naturally. I didn't go to a doctor for help. 

I just worked really hard on changing my entire life for this moment. 

5 years ago, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. One of the very first things my doctor told me was

"It is going to be really hard for you to get pregnant naturally." 

At age 26, living at home with my parents, figuring out how to pay off my student loans, finding my "long term job" & trying to have a life living in chronic pain - having a baby was the LAST thing on my mind.

Yet, it was all I could think about from that moment on. 

In that moment, I changed my life to prepare my mind & body to get pregnant naturally when the time was right. I share the beginnings of that story here

1 year into my marriage, my hubby Tom & I started to really try to conceive because we didn't know how long it would really take. From November 2016 - February 2017, nothing was happening.

Call it an awakening, an ah-ha moment or just a gut instinct but I knew there were more things in my life I had to change before I got pregnant naturally.

These are some of those things I changed right away in February 2017 --⟫

  • I went 100% Plant Based. I did for a lot of reasons:
    • the health benefits are INSANE
    • I wanted to quit all caffeine & the energy you get from living a Plant Based lifestyle is through the roof
    • I love all animals & my heart couldn't continue being a source of pain for them
    • I know way too much about the food industry [thanks to documentaries like Cowspiracy, What The Health & Food Matters
    • I know the power of Healing Foods for Endometriosis.. so why wouldn't it work to get pregnant?
  • I dedicated myself fully to Yoga
    • I became a certified Yoga Instructor & dove into the world of yoga
    • I started practicing meditation daily 
    • I worked on unblocking my Chakras 
    • I connected with like minded Yogis 
    • I found myself a Morning Routine & Journaling 
  • I loved, I forgave, I had to undo those false beliefs
    • A lot of this is mindset. 5 years ago, someone told me I couldn't get pregnant. I believed that statement. Your body listens to whatever your mind says. 
    • I had to forgive myself - mind, body & spirit. This is not our "fault", we did nothing "wrong". Those are the hardest things to hear. Forgive thyself & be set free. 
    • I needed to forgive past experiences in order to move on to receive new ones. Just because I haven't seen those 2 lines or PREGNANT written across a test, doesn't mean I will never see one in my future. 
    • I had to find a shit ton of self love because I had none. 
    • I created a new belief system within myself

I started making all these changes in February 2017. We conceived in September 2017.

I found out I was pregnant October 15, 2017.