Since announcing my pregnancy on Christmas Day 2017, I have been getting a flood of messages about my journey to how I conceived naturally with Endometriosis. 

So let the open box of my journey be OPENED!

Here is my very first documentation of my TTC journey from November 15, 2016 that I have never shared with anyone.. 


We are officially "Trying"

God that sounds crazy. November 15, 2016 starts the baby makin process! My husband Tom & I discussed how private vs public we want me to be during this private time. I am an open book. Obvi. Tom is not. We came to a compromise where I will be documenting my journey privately. Then when we are ready to announce whatever is happening with our future children I can hit send on this bad boy & off to the universe I go! 

Are you wondering why I am not just hitting send & doing whatever the eff I want? I would be thinking that too. If I wasn't married & believed fully in the belief of marriage to one person forever. Tom is my partner & I fully respect him. My marriage is extremely important to me. So thank you for still being here with me :) 

Now let's just get to it. Today marks day 1 of us trying. Which means I am on my best behavior with my workouts, my eating is on point, I am sleeping a full 7 hours a night, I am focused on positive affirmations for a natural successful pregnancy & we are having lots of sex!  

If you have Endo sometimes sex can be painful. I have lots more to say on this somewhere else but here is where my mind is at. Sex is like exercise. Sometimes its hard to get going at first. Some days you just don't want to do it but man when it's over you are left wondering why you don't do it more & those endorphins kick in! Hi happiness! 

It's a Tuesday which means I teach 2 classes back to back then have a live webinar at 9pm. So my day is very long & I am going to be exhausted. The last thing I will want to do is have sex but I want this. I want to feel so close to Tom & being intimate daily will bring our relationship to another level. It will be a breading ground of just love & happiness. That is where I want my babes to be from. So I will focus on me from the inside out - eating right, staying on track with my business, my self & it will all fall into place. 

No commitment on how many times I will journal just yet. But I trust it will all fall into place when ready. xo