Make Eating for Endo EASY! 

a quick YES guide for following the.png

So many of my EndoSisters & I all had dealt with the same thing...

The sadness, the fears, the doubts about following "The Endo Diet". 

Changing how you eat will change your life. I mean our lives revolve around FOOD. We need to eat to live & I lived to eat. Food was everything to me - I used it when I was sad, in pain to comfort me, to celebrate events & to hang out with friends. 

When I first started my search on how to help heal my Endo through food, I felt confused, sad & angry about everything I could no longer have. Everything I could find online was all surrounded by "NO you can't have this!" & "Nope, you can never eat that again!" 

I realized I needed to find all the YES foods - all those No's just made me sad & I didn't want to be sad. I wanted to be happy. 

So I put together a super quick easy YES GUIDE! A list of all the YES foods you can eat if you are trying to help heal your EndoMonster & I want to give it to you for FREE

No more feelings confused, sad or angry about everything we can't have when there are so much we CAN have!